Portfolio – Steve Gray

The following are Paintings (acrylics), Works on paper and Sculptural installation pieces of works from 2009 – 2011

Some exploration works – Jan – June 2011
Message sticks – The Mt Duneed series

Acrylic works – on paper 2009 – Exploring the landscape, after the fateful Black Saturday fires in 2009.

Untitled 3 2010

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4 Responses to Portfolio – Steve Gray

  1. Antonio Balletta says:

    Hello Steve
    I stumbbled across your web site.Great to see how comprehensive it is.Also encoureging to see a wide variety a
    of artists represented on the blog.Say hello to Sally for me. Sue sends her love.
    Regards Antonio Balletta

    • stevegray says:

      Tony, It took me a long time to find your comment but I did great to hear from you! Email me! I need to chat to you. Steve G

      • Antonio Balletta says:

        Hello Steve
        just checking your blog again and noticed your reply. I,m pleased to hear that you wish to get in touch so I have attached my e: address above . Look forward to hear from you.
        Best wishes Antonio

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