Exhibition – Lisa Lee

Lisa Lee’s next show.


Exhibition – Hazel Dooney

You are invited to a special event hosted by Latrobe Contemporary Gallery at 12pm Saturday the 10th of September, 209 Commercial rd Morwell Victoria.

‘Coffee and Cake with Hazel Dooney’
This will be a rare opportunity for Gippsland students and artists to experience some one-on-one question an answer time with
controversial Australian artists Hazel Dooney who has generously pledged her time to talk in particular about how to establish an independent career using the internet as a means. Hazel will al so stay for the opening at 6.30pm as well as a few of the contributing artists for ‘Dreaming Hazel Dooney’.

please join in this unique experience.

For more Information contact
Steph Shields
Latrobe Contemporary Gallery

More “Peel Your Eyes”

The ‘Peel Your Eyes’ exhibition opened with about 500 in attendance! Some sort of record for this type of exhibition, here’s the write up in the Geelong Advertiser. On daily from 12 – 7pm until the 16th Sept 2011.

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Exhibition – Exchange

The latest project from the legendary Amanda van gils EXCHANGE – 55 Contemporary Visual Artists from around the Australia all exhibiting small scale work in November. NOTE! Many of these Contemporary Visual Artists have been interviewed here on the blog!


For the past four years I have organised ‘art swaps’ amongst friends, in the first year there were 12 of us. It is an initiative that has grown each year and this year is the first time the annual art swap will be exhibited. For the Exchange exhibition, each artist will make one work to swap and another one to be available for sale.
Art works range in price from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand and include paintings, drawings, sculptures, photographs, digital works and a whole host more.
If you can’t get to Maryborough Qld where the show will be you will be able to view (and purchase) works via our ArtWhatsOn site that will be launched in time for the November show. In the meantime you can follow the progress of the exhibition via Facebookand Twitter

Some of you might recall that I raised funds via FundBreak for the Net Work exhibition I curated at the Art Gallery of Ballarat. Fundbreak has changed it’s name to Pozible and I am again raising money for a small catalogue for the Exchange exhibition.
I want you to know that on Pozible I am offering a small selection of my own art works at heavily reduced prices. Only available at these prices through Pozible and only for 30 days.
In addition to my own work there are ‘rewards’ available for even very small donations. To see the ‘rewards’ on offer please go to ‘Exchange’ on Pozible

Cheers Amanda van gils