This contemporary Visual Arts “Blog” is in response (to a degree) to some of the frustration I felt as a student and then later as an artist, finding information on how to do things, who does things, and how it all comes together. Check out the information presented and let me know if there are things I should add or alter… Remember it’s a “Re-Source” so the more VALUE going into it the better, especially as it’s a Visual Art Resource.

Thanks to my wife Sally for instigating and adding to this project, without her input in the very beginning this would not have happened.

The essence of this project, to cause people to become more readily engaged in Visual Art, whether as a student, an artist, an art worker, an art enthusiast, a casual bystander, either way lets get engaged!

Funding… No I don’t get any at this point. I do this project out of a HUGE love of the Visual Arts.

Regards, Steve Gray Contemporary Australian Artist.

info@stevegray.biz Feel free to drop me a line to chat about this project or to book me to come and chat about it to a group of teachers, students or both…

Go on, follow me on twitter, you know you want to… – http://twitter.com/stevegray58

Feel free to add comments and give feedback to the Artists in their interviews, however please avoid only saying something is nice, please give them feedback with some depth please.

Disclaimer: I look after the words and art works on this site, however due to the nature of the web I cannot guarantee there will not be information, pictures or subject matter that may offend, annoy or disturb viewers. What may be a harmless landscape today can be altered in a moment and as such I hold NO responsibility or liability for what you may or may not see or read when links are taken to other sites.

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