Art Shop for sale… You know you want it!

Leonie Barton from Art Depot wrote asking for a hand in mentioning her business is up for sale… Go on buy her out, you know you want an art store…  you can rummage to your hearts content, meet budding artists and enjoy the ambiance, and in a nice area too! 🙂

Dear Steve…

“I have an art supply store on Sydney’s northern beaches that houses my studio, is beautifully filled with natural light, 2 mins walk to the beach for lunch or afterwork dip and blessed with a wonderful customer base including Bruce Goold, Kerrie Lester and other award winning artists. Sadly (due to one of my childrens health) I am putting the shop up for sale. I realise that normally it would be innapropriate to ask you to include this information in one of your posts but “mothers love” and a need to be out of here by christmas sometimes pushes us to ask the necessary questions. For whomever comes into the shop it is a chance to cash in on the christmas surge. Can you help me ? I hope this note finds you well.”

Yours Sincerely

Leonie Barton

Studio 7 Chelsea Lane
48 Old Barrenjoey Road
Avalon Beach
NSW 2107
02-9918 2009
0414 963 332


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