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1/8/11 Many THANKS!

Absolutely incredible! Very well done site and such an interesting interview with Stephanie Beck. Your site will be a must for my upper division art students. I am enlightened. Thank you so much. Very inspiring.

Mary Tomasso

3/7/11 Mary Rox!

A friend suggested I check out the interview with Mary Tonkin as I love different approaches to Landscape Art. It took me a while to find it but oh how sublime! Such a clear passion for the landscape! I have sought out her work in the flesh and am even more thrilled! Thanks so much for sharing such incredibly talented people with us. I’m off to read more interviews on the site. Oh I just found the site too so much to explore.

Jane Allen

2/2/10 I like it…

I read your interview of Connie Noyes and thought you had done a great job of helping her reveal who she is, and I like the blog posts I read.

Valorie Preston

7/1/10 Thanks…

I like the way you construct artist interviews in Q&A format and the variety of news about the art world that you include in your blog.

Sue Martin

6/1/10 I like it!

The way you have used the artist’s interviews to help educate students as a resource for teachers coupled with bringing these artists into the forefront without any costs, is truly a testimonial to your love of art.
I have subscribed to your blog, and thank you for the great deal of work you are doing in offering this valuable resource.

Jeanette Luchese

6/8/09 Fantastic work!

Hi Steve,
You are doing fantastic work with your blogs. I know how much time and effort goes into such a resource. Thank you for listing me and manhattan arts international in your Art Re-Souce blog.

Many thanks and all the best,

Renee Phillips USA

10/7/09 Thanks…

Hi Steve

Just thought I’d drop you a line and say thanks for doing the Art Resource Blog.  I stumbled on it via an Art forum. I have just spent a few hours reading it.

I found your work and efforts in this just great…and as a regional artist in NSW I found it a great connection with like minded people. I especially liked the artist interview series and the displays of artists work.

Thanks again regards

Scott Jackson

Crescent Head NSW

12/3/09 Impressed!

This blog and interviews is a great mix of info and news. Ok it’s not loaded with big names and flashy links to “Uber” sites but its open honest and a great resource all round. Be proud of it Steve really proud.

Allan Dodsun – Arts Administrator U.S.A.

14/1/09 Geelong Times



“Congratulations on putting these great interviews together Steve. Very interesting & informative – I’m enjoying them so much.”

Kim O’Malley


“Edited by artist, Steve Gray, Art Re-Source is a relative newcomer in the Australian blogosphere but it has already set its sights on an ambitious series of artist interviews. Today, it published a long Q&A with me that develops what appears to be a theme du jour (see Art News Blog, last month): ‘how to be an artist’ – or, rather, ‘how it is to be an artist’. If nothing else, it’ll increase the amount of critical email I’ll get this month. Half the three dozen comments to the Art News Blog‘s piece were from those who felt that nothing I do should even be considered art. But then shit like that is part of being an artist too.”
Hazel Dooney – Artist – Blogger

Well done…

“Hi Steve well done and thanks for being a supporter of the Visual Arts through your blog.”
Anne Nichols – Artist.

Great work…

“I have been keeping an eye on your blog excellent work! I am going to use your web site as a resource for my students, again great work…”
Peter Biram – Artist – Teacher.

Fabulous resource…

” Steve, this blog has lots of great ingredients to make it a fabulous resource, over time I think the interviews and the insights will make it a real standout. Many of the art sites I have seen are full of self centred garbage and way too many adverts, yours has a neat mix of great value for start up artists and students as well as the seasoned professional. Yep I like it! More interviews please”
John Amor – Art Teacher

Professional and Inspiring…

“Steve, congratulations on Art Re-Sources, the site is exciting, professional and very inspiring! The interviews are particularly interesting and give us all a chance to learn about the ‘reality’ of the art world from a wide variety of perspectives.  This knowledge and insight is ‘gold’ to artists, thank you!”
Kerrie Warren – Artist

Fab stuff!

“This Art blog has some interviews that are really to the point, to heck with the activities and other bits, here is where it’s at real people doing their art and wanting some sort of result, not a lot of big name artists but just a real bunch of people with something to say. I like coming here for  read and seeing what’s up, fav site this month. Get more artists up mate.”

Eamon – Art student

Well done…

“Thanks for the interview Steve, Erika’s interview was really good too. She and Simon Collins are two of my closest friends and I have to say both their interviews really got across their approach to their practices, so well done.”

Amanda van Gils – Artist


Steve you are doing a great deal of good for artists and enriching the art world congratulations!

Ursula Theinert – Artist

Good to see…

It is good to see another blogger writing about Melbourne’s art scene for similar reasons that I started my blog, a frustration with the lack of any writing about Melbourne’s art scene.

Mark Holsworth – Writer


Fascinating blog. I just spent a couple of hours reading the interviews and found it particularly thought provoking.

J Burnett – Artist

Honorable mention… New Blog site on Visual Arts education.

23/5/09 Thanks for the inclusion…

Steve I just want to thank you for giving me the opportunity of expressing my thoughts through the interview with you and for posting it in your Blog. It looks great. ART RE-SOURCE is a great site and I am very pleased to be part of it. Thank you again.

Juan Lopezdabdoub

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