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Rosie Leventon is from London and is represented by the Nettie Horn Gallery, in Bethnal Green, London. She has been making Art for about 25 years and her web site is at.

Rosie has an exhibition on entitled UNFOLD at the Nettie Horn Gallery, london June 9th 2009  until Aug 2nd .(Wed – Sun 12 – 6) and another one UK-Japanese Group Exhibition at the LENNOX Gallery, London 23rd – 28th June. 11 – 6.30 Mon – Fri. Sun 11 – 4

Rosie is also interested in, Archaeology, prehistory and green Issues. Her main mediums are, Sculpture , Installation, Landart and drawing. Materials range from stone, water and wood to Romantic Novels, Human hair and central heating pipes… yes heating pipes!

For Rosie, art is everything to her, her messages are both personal and political, Metaphoric and symbolic. Her current works are installations “I often seem to be making work that appears in one way on the surface. But which may be something different if you look beyond. I also like the way works have changed over the years as I try and experiment with new materials, and this is just one aspect to the Art struggle.

Specifically, I make sculptural installations and drawings, some of which are permanent and some ephemeral. I often rework familiar domestic objects and architectural features – such as a doormat, a telephone, some suitcases, a corridor, some staircases and floors.

My work is often interactive and may contain paradoxes and surprises. Some work involves looking through and behind the surfaces of modern day living to find something lost or hidden beneath.” Rosie said.  Most of her work embodies green principles and environmental awareness. She often uses local and recycled materials and labour. Some pieces made for a forest and a disused stone quarry provide water for animals and birds, and encourage biodiversity and regeneration.


What are you currently working on?
Am just finishing a new paperback books piece. It’s a bit like a tower and is called “ Somewhere a door slammed… “

What fascinates you?
The way we live our lives today, – contemporary culture – and trying to see how ancient cultures and archaeology may still reverberate into the present, whether in a physical or psychological way.


What did you do before or during becoming an artist?
I did a lot of ordinary jobs, selling door to door, waitress, cleaning, Gallery Assistant. Then I did a course in Chinese language and Archaeology at London Uni. Before going to Art College.

Is there any one thing that has given you a big buzz in your art career so far?
Probably being able to show a big piece at the Serpentine Gallery in London, as well as having 5 drawings bought by the Henry Moore Institute in Leeds. Also being commissioned by the national maritime Museum in Greenwich.

Rosie Leveton's B52 Kings Wood - Stour Valley Arts Project UK

Have you had any “big breaks” in your career?
Being commissioned by the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich to make a glass piece for their new dome. ( Now in the Queen’s House at the Museum,) Also being selected by the Museum of Contemporary Art in Barcelona to make a water Installation for a show called “MIRADES SOBRE EL MUSEU”

Do you have a personal philosophy that underpins your work?
Life is what you make it!


Do you aim to break the rules of basic composition, layout etc or do you ignore the “rules” and just create?
I break most rules.

Do you hope the viewer will “get” what you are trying to communicate or do you feel compelled to spell it out to them?
I hope the viewer might get something from the work even if this is not the same is what I get. All, our life experiences are so different I cannot expect people to respond in a predictable way.


About significant moments in your life, the sort of things that changed things for you forever… perhaps altered your Art… Who how why what and where…?
There is a lot of ‘stuff’’ that happened in my background which is too terrible to talk about here. But part of what I try to do is to turn this huge negative in to a positive.

If you stopped doing art right now would you miss it?
Couldn’t live.


The business or marketing side of Art can be a challenge to some, what are your thoughts?
I hate this side of it!

Do you have a connectedness to other art forms?
Possibly to architecture..


Some artists are more “at home” isolated in their creative process, while others revel in being part of a group to bounce “ideas off” how about you?
To be part of a group is a constructive thing I think.

Have you won any awards?
Yes I won the Rouse Kent Award for Public Art for a water piece I made for King’sWood in Kent. Also got an Arts council Award recently. I won the Mark Tanner award for Sculpture a few years ago. And British Council Travelling awards. The Elephant trust and Portland Clifftop Sculpture park, a major award.


Have you had any critical reviews and were they good, bad or indifferent?
Yes a file full, mostly good but 2 or 3 bad I try and take note!

How long do your works usually take to complete?
From several months to a year or so.


How many artworks do you work on at the same time?
Not more than 2 or 3 at the most.

Do you think art school nurtured you or somehow crushed you?
For me it was incredibly empowering!


How did you manage to survive financially at the beginning of your art career?
Had to do a lot of fairly horrible jobs!

How did your first solo show go?
It was at LYC Museum and Art gallery in Cumbria, and was a lovely event with a real feeling of openness to everyone. Also it was in a very beautiful converted farmhouse in wonderful countryside. It also offered me a whole room to build in my first water installation!


Do you have difficulties getting into galleries?
Yes, a bit because my Installation work is not always very commercial being a bit on the large side. The drawings are Ok though/.

How do you think people learn about you?
From my website, or from the shows I do or have done.


Do you have ideas turning over in your head all the time or?
Yes at any one time I always have several ideas running of pieces I want to make.

Delicate and subtle, strong and bold?
A combination of both might be the ideal?

Critics are important because?
They can help to throw light on a particular artist, but the viewer should ultimately decide having seen the work IN THE FLESH!

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