‘if it’s between death and magic’ by ryan mcgennisken

‘if it’s between death and magic’ by Ryan McGennisken
11 Feb – 24 Feb

Rambler Collective Presents Ryan McGennisken’s debut solo exhibition “if it’s between death and magic”.
As a child, Ryan was dragged by his parents, all over the country on camping trips, spending weeks at a time on the beach, living from fire cooked meals, fishing and building huts out of sticks; Ryan uses these experiences as a basis for his drawing ideas.
Ryan uses ink and watercolour to create worlds based on portions of nostalgia, dreams and current realities.
“If it’s between death and magic” tells a story of survival, intrepidness and the journey of lost souls, on the quest to find a new liveable environment away from a deconstructed, over used planet.

Ryan’s video

Opening night: 6-9 Sat Feb 11

Latrobe Contemporary Gallery
209 Commercial Rd, Morwell, VIC
0403 341 664
wed-Fri: 10am-4pm
Sat-Sun: 10am-2pm

Everybody is invited to join the artist for a night of refreshments in a comfortable welcoming environment.



Getting there:

By car - http://maps.google.com.au/maps?hl=en&tab=wl

By train (from Melbourne) – V-line tickets can be purchased from Flinders St or Southern Cross. The train generally runs hourly to Morwell and takes approx. 1.5 hours to arrive.

The gallery is on the opposite side of the train station on Commercial Rd.

Accommodation in the town is sufficient and will take a measly google search to find something cheap.

Train also runs late into the night to return back to Melbourne. You could see yourself back in Melbourne by 11pm with the night still young.

I really hope to see you all here for a great night!

Exhibition – Connie Noyes

Connie Noyes, her name seems to pop up everywhere for new exhibitions, this time a show in Chicago at the Blanc gallery.


Exhibition – Scott Petrie

Scotts work will be on show at Astro Art in Randwick


Exhibition – “Exchange”

The big Contemporary Visual Art project Amanda van gils has been working on. NOTE! many of these artists are interviewed right here! start searching!


Exhibition – Lisa Lee

Lisa Lee’s next show.


Exhibition – The flash mob

The guys at 100th Gallery in Prahran are at it again. Photography this time, go check out the tiny gallery space and marvel at emerging and maturing Artists doing their bit to check out the human condition.


Exhibition – Leonie Ryan – Australian Made

Leonies exhibition should show an interesting progression from her earlier works, I look forward to seeing it at the Yarra Sculpture Gallery 117 Vere St Abbotsford.

Be sure and check out Leonies interview right here.


Exhibition – Hazel Dooney

You are invited to a special event hosted by Latrobe Contemporary Gallery at 12pm Saturday the 10th of September, 209 Commercial rd Morwell Victoria.

‘Coffee and Cake with Hazel Dooney’
This will be a rare opportunity for Gippsland students and artists to experience some one-on-one question an answer time with
controversial Australian artists Hazel Dooney who has generously pledged her time to talk in particular about how to establish an independent career using the internet as a means. Hazel will al so stay for the opening at 6.30pm as well as a few of the contributing artists for ‘Dreaming Hazel Dooney’.

please join in this unique experience.

For more Information contact
Steph Shields
Latrobe Contemporary Gallery

More “Peel Your Eyes”

The ‘Peel Your Eyes’ exhibition opened with about 500 in attendance! Some sort of record for this type of exhibition, here’s the write up in the Geelong Advertiser. On daily from 12 – 7pm until the 16th Sept 2011.

© 2011 Geelong Advertiser

Exhibition – Exchange

The latest project from the legendary Amanda van gils EXCHANGE – 55 Contemporary Visual Artists from around the Australia all exhibiting small scale work in November. NOTE! Many of these Contemporary Visual Artists have been interviewed here on the blog!


For the past four years I have organised ‘art swaps’ amongst friends, in the first year there were 12 of us. It is an initiative that has grown each year and this year is the first time the annual art swap will be exhibited. For the Exchange exhibition, each artist will make one work to swap and another one to be available for sale.
Art works range in price from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand and include paintings, drawings, sculptures, photographs, digital works and a whole host more.
If you can’t get to Maryborough Qld where the show will be you will be able to view (and purchase) works via our ArtWhatsOn site that will be launched in time for the November show. In the meantime you can follow the progress of the exhibition via Facebookand Twitter

Some of you might recall that I raised funds via FundBreak for the Net Work exhibition I curated at the Art Gallery of Ballarat. Fundbreak has changed it’s name to Pozible and I am again raising money for a small catalogue for the Exchange exhibition.
I want you to know that on Pozible I am offering a small selection of my own art works at heavily reduced prices. Only available at these prices through Pozible and only for 30 days.
In addition to my own work there are ’rewards’ available for even very small donations. To see the ‘rewards’ on offer please go to ‘Exchange’ on Pozible

Cheers Amanda van gils

Exhibition -Peel your eyes

When a pop up gallery gets on steroids it really gets big! 30 Artists, lots of interest and intrigue. Right here in Geelong… well done to Stephanie Tribe and team.

concept one poster

Exhibition – 100th Gallery

Charles at 100th Gallery would like to invite you to join him and the Artists Colin Topp and Rachel Buse to their new exhibition.


Exhibition – Vexta & Blackart Projects

Vexta and Blackart Projects presents… Across Neon Lights.


Metro Award – Vincent Fantauzzo

Well Done to Vincent Fantauzzo


Exhibition – Matthew Johnson

Block Projects Presents – Matthew Johnson


Exhibition – Kate Shaw

Nellie Castan’s Gallery will open Kate Shaw’s Exhibition this week.

12 River Street South Yarra.


Exhibition – The New Field

Stephen Nall of Dickerson Gallery Fame is popping up in all sorts of places, this time as a co director of a gallery in Franklin Street in Melbourne – The Dark Horse Experiment. I had a thought he wouldn’t be out of the Visual Art game for long.


Exhibition – Capriccio

Rod Gray, Brendan Taylor and team… are at it again, this time bigger and better! All new… you get the idea, come and join the fray! Again at Red Gallery.


Exhibition – Jdubb Watt

La Trobe Contemporary Gallery does it again, this time with  Jdubb aka James.


Exhibition – Adam Lee

Adam Lee does it again… At Motorworks Gallery in South Yarra.

E-mail Invite 1

Exhibition – Meredith Cooper

The latest show of Meredith Coopers works. Check out the works on her site, I like the drawings…


Exhibition – Aaron Baltetsch

Made in Geelong are forging forward, more Artists showing, more interest growing… I guess some would call it a project space. Anywho here’s the latest offering from Aaron Baltetsch.


Charles Desira – Exhibition

Every now and then an exhibition comes along which surprises you, in this case an old art buddy has emerged from the fog and is having a show! Good work Chuck! :)


Exhibition – Young Guns




20th – 26th JUNE 2011

Following the success of Sam Leach’s sell-out Platonia in Mayfair in September 2010 and Kieran Anthill’s Falling Horses in Chelsea last month, This time it’s the Young Guns Summer Show Monday 20th to Saturday 26th June at Gallery Maya, Notting Hill.

From Jane Fontane’s screenprint superheroes, Vexta’s figurative street art and even Linton Meagher’s striking creations with bullet casings and scalpels this show captures the vibrancy and diversity of youth and demonstrates the breadth of talent emerging in Australia.

Curating the exhibition, Jonathan White, explains “Each one of these artists is unique and exciting and is pushing boundaries. Each one has a story to tell.


2The Exhibiting Artists are…

Jane Fontane

Zoe MacDonnell

Juz Kitson


Anthony White

Erin Smith

Linton Meagher

Exhibition – Alvina Bishop-Edwards

The Latrobe Valley Contemporary Art Gallery Presents the work of Alvina Bishop-Edwards

alvinas-showLatrobe Valley Contemporary Art Gallery Presents a show by Alvina Bishop – Edwards.

Exhibition – MARS

Mike Nicholls – Tony Spence at MARS – Melbourne Art Rooms


Exhibition – Tony Lloyd

Tony Lloyds work on show at Block Projects


79 Stephenson Street
Richmond 3121
PH: 03 9429 0660


Open Wednesday-Friday 11AM-6PM
Saturday 11AM-4PM

Gallery open day – Albert St Galleries

Albert Street Galleries should attract another great crowd for this years open day, perhaps even more than the Collingwood galleries open day recently. Great works, great galleries… devour!



Exhibition – Ghost Patrol

Ghost Patrol – more quirky goodness in this show…



New Melbourne Gallery – Fehily Contemporary

Fehily Contemporary opens in Collingwood

The launch of Fehily Contemporary in Collingwood this month adds to Melbourne’s art scene. The gallery will represent a diverse range of artists and should be a refreshing and innovative space to enjoy the fascinating world of contemporary art.

Situated in a large converted warehouse in Glasshouse Road, the gallery comprises two flexible exhibition spaces – the street level Glasshouse Gallery, featuring an outdoor atrium, and the more intimate first floor Loft Gallery.

Fehily Contemporary has been created by Director Lisa Fehily and her husband Ken, both passionate patrons of contemporary art.

“Art has been a central and enriching part of our lives,” Lisa said. “The gallery allows us to share that with a wider audience by creating a platform for the exploration of contemporary art. We want a place that encourages discussion, education and debate, and allows others to begin or continue their journey with art without having to feel awkward.”

Fehily Contemporary launches with 17 represented artists, including the environmentally focused Ash Keating, large-scale collage artist Sally Smart, New Zealand sculptor Gregor Kregar and Indigenous collective proppaNOW.

The year-round program will include parallel exhibitions running simultaneously across the two gallery spaces, ensuring the mix of works on display is constantly changing. New programs aimed at nurturing new generations of collectors and curators are also being developed, together with a sprinkling of music and performance.

“We want to offer a different way of presenting art that will inspire new and experienced art lovers alike,” Lisa said. “We’re not only offering an accessible path for new collectors, we’re hoping to change some established perspectives – we’d love to make Baby Boomers feel just as comfortable as Gen Ys with our contemporary art program.”

Fehily Contemporary opens Thursday, 12 May with its inaugural exhibition Introducing… Our Artists. The exhibition will feature new and recent works from many of the gallery’s artists and will run to 4 June.

Fehily Contemporary Visual Artists

Belle Bassin
Graham Brindley
Nick Devlin
Angela Ellsworth (US)
Brett Graham (NZ)
Ash Keating
Veronica Kent
Gregor Kregar (NZ)
Richard Lewer
Ricky Maynard
Scott Miles
Sonia Payes
Patrick Pound
Lisa Reihana (NZ)
Sally Smart

Fehily Contemporary
3a Glasshouse Road
Collingwood  VIC  3066

Gallery Hours:
Wed – Sat 11am – 5:30pm

(03) 9017 0860

Exhibition – Johnnie Dady – Lisa Andrew

Johnnie Dady – An Uncertain Object

Lisa Andrew – New Works 2011

Opening Night
Wednesday 11 May, 6pm – 8pm



12 May – 7 June, 2011

Exhibition – Paul Lorenz


Interviewed here, Paul Lorenz is clearly a stand out performer when it comes to having his work in multiple shows. This time at DM Contemporary in New York.

Exhibition – Susan Hall

Susan Hall’s new Exhibition at La Trobe Contemporary Gallery Morwell Victoria.


Exhibition – Kill Pixie and Blackartprojects

Mark Whalen (Kill Pixie) in an exhibition called White Out for April 1st 2011



Exhibition – Susan Buret

Susan Buret’s Latest exhibition.Loft Gallery Bowral NSW


Exhibition – Nicola Moss

Diamonds in My Eyes – Solo exhibition at Salt Contemporary Art Gallery, 33-35 Hesse Street, Queenscliff, Victoria.
Dates: Saturday 16th April to Friday 6th May 2011.
Opening drinks with the artist on Saturday 23rd April at 2.30pm.
‘Diamonds in My Eyes’ features paintings that represent what I see as treasures. The magical, teaming with life landscapes that capture my imagination. With diamonds and trees both essentially being carbon, I wonder if stately trees could be the bling of the future?



A delicious addition to the art scene


This is a rather neat addition to the art scene in Geelong Victoria, I like this sort of initiative and I think it’s worth a look!

Exhibition – Elements of Australia

This looks like a big show with Kerrie Warren, who has been interviewed here.

red sea invite new

Open! – Post Industrial Design

The opening has arrived for Mary and Jos at Post Industrial Design. All the best with the shop and gallery guys!


Exhibition – Exchange

Amanda van Gils has been busy of late, being part of yet another Contemporary Visual Art Project. Check it out and well done Amanda! (again…)

Art Exchange

A big exhibition of small scale work. Taking the ‘artist swap’ concept one step further, Exchange features art works by approx 50 contemporary artists – each artist is contributing one piece to swap with another artist in the exhibition and another piece that will be available for purchase. Both artworks by each artist will be on display diuring the exhibition.

A diverse range of painting, drawing, sculpture, printmaking, photography and more, from artists in regional and metropolitan areas of Queensland, NSW and Victoria.

Gatakers Artspace
331 Kent Street
Maryborough, QLD Australia
Dates to be announced

Exhibition – Dianne Tanzer

One of the first off the rank for this year. Unclassified, Co-curated by Gillian Brown


Exhibition – Fresh


Renewal – Post Industrial Design

Some of you may recall the team from Post Industrial Design and the great little shop they had a for a few years in Church St Richmond Vic. Back then they sold a stunning range of one off home wares, quirky design pieces and Artworks of all kinds.

Jos Van Hulsen setting up the new space

Jos, checking out the soon to be refurbished space.

Jos and Mary Van Hulsen have decided to bring back some of the old stores charm, eclectic and quirky artistic goods to entice a whole new range of arts and decorative craft devotees along the way, no doubt many of the older devotees will be there in force too.

Based in Barkly St West Footscray the intrepid duo are just starting to refurbish a 1 1/2  sized shop space to be a mecca for those wanting the artistic, well crafted and locally produced items. It will also boast a small exhibition space which at this stage will be a rental space.

Mary said, “It’s time to revive the shop, and now it’s closer to home we will have more time to create objects, source artefacts, encourage local artisans and the like to be a part of what is fast becoming an arts region on it’s own.”

Jos Van Hulsen is a contemporary artist of some repute with a number of exquiste exhibitions to his credit, a placing in the Helen Lempriere sculpture exhibition a few years back and an exhibitor as part of the Lorne Foreshore Sculpture show in 2009. His commissions for artistic gates and restaurant interiors can be seen far and wide.

One of Jos’s works from his recent Moth Series.

If you produce “Artefacts” in the western suburban region of Melbourne Victoria, then consider contacting them via their website and have a chat to see if they can take on your works (Hey you can only ask!)

We wish them well in their endeavour and hope the region boasts as many Art Buyers as it does Art Producers.

Alleyway arts… Geelong

If you are looking to exhibit in a group setting and live in and around Geelong then this could be for you. Alleyway Arts. Feb 19th in Lt Malop Street Geelong

Dreaming Hazel Dooney

The Artist In Public, The Artist As Muse.

Latrobe Contemporary Gallery, is pleased to announce it is now inviting submissions for a group exhibition inspired by the online persona of controversial Australian artist and feminist provocateur, Hazel Dooney.
Those who follow the many interviews on this blog will probably know about the interview Hazel did with us way back at the start. Of course her own blog is something to wrestle with as well.

Provisionally titled Dreaming Hazel Dooney, the exhibition will open on Friday, 6th May, and run until Thursday, 19th May, 2011 at the LaTrobe Contemporary Gallery, 209 Commercial Road, Morwell, Vic. 3840.

Works can be in any medium, including sculpture, photography, video (of any length) and even performance art and fashion. The content has, simply to reflect, amplify, interpret, deconstruct, critique or objectify any aspect of Haze Dooney’s ideas, art, persona, public statements, or personal narrative as they are transmitted in her art, blog, social media presences and the press.

There are many sides to Hazel Dooney.

There is the Hazel Dooney who lives an hermetic, rigidly routine existence painting large works depicting sexy action-figure-like
über-women inspired by advertising and entertainment media.

There is the Hazel Dooney who exists as a character in an ongoing online narrative, at once intellectual and intimate, whose words and images limn, in discomforting detail, a complicated life in which art, art business, sexuality (and just plain sex), pscyhological trauma, social mobility, family, money and a measure of fame are always in stress.

There is the Hazel Dooney created, for better or worse, in others’ imaginations and whose art and persona inspire very strong reactions – and emotional relationships – among  a diverse group of individuals worldwide.

Whatever one thinks of the art or the artist, there can be little argument responses to either or both are often extreme.

In the first instance, a digital image/video of the submitted work – or works, as more than one will be considered, must be emailed along with biographiocal information to both Steph (stephshields@live.com) and Hazel Dooney (dooneystudio@gol.com) before the 31st January 2011. The artists whose works are accepted will be advised within two weeks. They will then have to undertake to ship their works to the gallery in time for the works to be laid out and displayed on the 1st May 2011.

The logistics and cost of shipping works to and from the gallery is the responsibilty of each invited artist. The gallery will assume no liability for loss or damage. Unless the gallery is otherwise advised, the works will be offered for sale under the gallery’s usual terms, the details of which will be emailed in the form of an agreement as soon as the work is accepted for the exhibition.

For further information, please contact Steph Shields LaTrobe Contemporary Gallery on 0403341664

Exhibition – TLF Network

This is the culmination of many Artists work and a big event for the curator Amanda van gils it should be well worth the travel to see the show.

Join the team in Ballarat for the opening and share in the spoils of their toil.

Thanks to Ailey Ball for the photo.

Thanks to Ailey Ball for this photo..

Many of these Artists have been interviewed here, or soon will be! Go and check out what the Artists are saying, see their work and explore what makes them tick…


Exhibition – Christopher Langton


12 Criterion St, Hobart TAS 7000 Australia  |  T +61 3 6231 3151

What’s your Criterion?

Exhibition – Yaarl

For lovers of indigenous Visual Art in the Gippsland region of Australia.


Exhibition – Sue Ninham

Sue was interviewed here a while back, her new exhibition is entitled Orb


It is an exploration of what it is to be caught between.
Exhibition opens: 6-8pm
Exhibition closes: Tuesday, 23 November 2010
Location: Loft Gallery, Level 1, 253 Johnston Street, Abbotsford 3067
Contact: Amanda 0403 996 579 or Scott 0424 974 518
Email: loft_gallery@me.com

Exhibition – Vin Ryan

Vin was interviewed here and now has an exhibition at Anna Pappas Gallery in Prahran Vic All the best with the show Vin!

Endless Days – Vin Ryan


‘I’m sitting at the table one night after dinner, staring at the empty plate in front of me. All that’s left is a thin film of pesto and a series of expressionistic scrapings left by my fork. I was never one to leave food on my plate.

I’m fascinated by these simple gestures, these simple abstract impressions of modest, everyday gratification. For the last five years or so most of the work that I’ve made has concerned itself with these sorts of gestures. That is accidental, unintended or arbitrary gestures that are imbedded in our culture, imbedded in our everyday routine, imbedded in our environment; gestures that we usually never notice.

That empty plate and the residue, which was scraped, arranged and left behind on it, has been the starting point for this body of work. Every evening I document the residue left behind on plates, bowls and glasses by myself, my partner and my two year-old son.

On one level they reveal almost nothing. They don’t necessarily tell you much about what any of us might have been thinking or feeling whilst eating these meals. They reveal almost nothing about the conversations, which we might have had around the dinner table. All that is left is aesthetic formalism – Abstraction if you like.

I’m happy for people to view these works on an aesthetic, formalist level if they want to. But I suspect thinking abstractly about these individual plates and bowls inevitably leads the mind to thinking about the universal nature of the ritual, which has just taken place. The raw material for this work is inescapable. We all have a relationship with food, which is both personal and universal, cultural and political. I hope these works will create a space to reflect on this relationship.’

Vin Ryan, 2010

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