Quotes by Artists and the like…

Hey, do you want an insane amount of quotes by artists! Here, check this out… http://www.artquotes.net/

Here are some others I have started to select, enjoy!


If there is a consistent flaw in my early work, it is that I hadn’t yet committed to the elemental conceptuality of the work. I was fighting it, to-ing and fro-ing between thinking of myself as a traditional painter – committed to subjective, self-expressive, well-crafted representational work – and something a lot less easily defined, a multi-disciplinary provocateur for whom painting was just one of several means to an end.

And the end is getting people to think beyond the work in front of them, beyond the alluring material of their hyper-mediated consumerist culture, and recognise what they’ve lost of themselves.”

– from Hazel Dooney’s blog, Self Vs. Self.

“You should often amuse yourself when you take a walk for recreation, in watching and taking note of the attitudes and actions of men as they talk and dispute, or laugh or come to blows with one another… noting these down with rapid strokes, in a little pocket-book which you ought always to carry with you.”

– Leonardo Da Vinci