Worksheets – Artist Interviews

Here are interview worksheets students can use as a starting point to exploring the work of Contemporary Visual Artists, simply down load them and hand them out, OR to save paper,  you can get the students to download them and use the file directly on the computer then submit the answers to you electronically.

The files are in MS Word format so you can add your own questions to them to make them easier or harder.

Here are two general worksheets you can give to your students.

General Artist interviews worksheet-1

About Contemporary Art Galleries worksheet-2

Contemporary Visual Artists

About Guy Porter Artist exploring-art 1

About Mike Maxwell Artist exploring-art 2

About Kaye Green Artist exploring-art 3

About Sharon Hodgson Artist exploring-art 4

Daniel Sanger Artist exploring-art 5

Ilona Nelson Artist exploring-Art 6

Juan Lopezdabdoub exploring-Art 7

Siobhan Punshon Exploring-Art 8